Street performance "The Rite"

Пластилиновый дождь: Street performance

... From the appointed Time, nobody has been able to escape. As life began, so does it sink into the dark abyss. At the appointed hour, fate will pull the noose, and endeavoring to resist it is simply pointless. Life will leave the body. Here, the footprint of the barefooted leshy is still smoldering, about which the voice also remind.

A fairy tale come true...

The mystical and mysterious ritual will show itself before the audience of the "Rite" street show. This lyrical story about life and death is based on Slavic myths and folk tales. A breathtaking legend of Leshy who wants to go to long rest and is looking for a replacement.

Choreography, plastics, stunt elements, including stilt tricks that wow audiences - it all comes together in the play.

The main highlight and distinctive feature of the "Rite" is the visual embodiment of the plot: here you have unexpected visual effects, and well-thought-out characters, and difficult impressive makeup.