"Plasticine rain" - theatre which is 25 years old

Пластилиновый дождь:

"Plasticine rain" - such an unusual name for the theater is well known not only to residents of Samara and Russia, but also to festivals visitors around the world.

The theatre has been known for its street performances since 2008, but its history begins much earlier, almost 25 years ago. During this time, the theater has come a long way from the plastic youth theater to the leading street theater in Russia.

The theater's plays fully justify the original name: unique and plastic, they make audience of any country and mentality love them. Performances of the street theater are wordless, helping audiences anywhere in the world to understand it, often artists perform on stilts and do impressive stilt tricks.

The list of festivals in which the theater took part keeps growing, and new cities are being added to the touring schedule.

  • International street art festival "Feta" (Poland, Gdansk)
  • Street theatre festival "Ulicznicy" (Poland, Gliwice)
  • International festival of street theatres (Arkhangelsk)
  • International festival of street theaters "Elagin Park" (St. Petersburg)
  • Festival Of contemporary art "Live Perm" (Perm)
  • Festival of street theatres "Dreams of Streets" (Tyumen)
  • Festival of street theatres (Kemerovo)
  • Festival of street theaters "Three crows "(Novosibirsk)
  • International festival of street theatres "Theatre yard" (Tula)
  • International festival "White nights in Perm" (Perm)
  • and many other festivals.

There are some special occasions to look forward with pride in the theater's history:

  • In 2014, "Plasticine rain" performed at the official Winter Olympics closing ceremony in Sochi;
  • In 2017, the theater participated in the TV show "Minuta slavy".

Another important achievement of the theater is the organization of the International festival of street art of the same name, which is traditionally held in Samara on the last weekend of summer since 2011, and, more recently, delights the audience with the winter format.

Here, by the way, there are also reasons to be proud of: in 2013 and 2015, the festival was awarded as the best project of Russia in the event tourism sphere at the "Russian event award". Every year about 50 creative teams and performers participate in the festival. Theaters from...introduced residents of Samara to the street art.